In 2012 we met dancing, chests pulsating, drawn towards one another on a Manchester dance floor. Each of us played the ego 'hard-to-get' game, too guarded to even fathom vulnerability. Life took its turns and history was written. We found our way to each other and against all odds pursued this precious connection across oceans.

Back and forth between the UK and South Africa for years, we have experienced intensities like nothing before. The depth of our relationship stirred up the trauma of our lifetimes and called us to face ourselves and each other through this love - facing the mirror in each other harder than ever before.

We have blossomed, found the clear spaces, we have connected to aspects of ourselves which had forever been hidden, having cultivated truth, transparency and trust. We have learned how to face the shadows, and forge the greatest of growth from them.

We live and breathe our mission every day - guiding men and women to deeper alignment with themselves and each other. We are Nyaniso Dzedze and Yana Seidl, lovers, emotional clearing practitioners and artists - dedicated to facilitating positive change in the lives of everyone who engages with us. 


We invite the world to appear with us in the rewards of confident self expression.


Yana Fay Vela Souls



Yana fay is a potent way-shower and womb-whisperer who's transformational healing-work guides women home to the wisdom of their bodies. Yana's fire is strong and her passionate commitment to her work an inspiration. She is fierce, yet gentle and playful in her expression of the deeply mystical gifts she shares. She is an emotional clearing practitioner, a space holder, a dancer, choreographer, and a pioneer of new hybrid work.

Nyaniso Dzedze Vela Souls


(South African)

Nyaniso is a professional actor and dancer, he specializes in movement exploration as a performer and as a choreographer. He believes in investing deeply in the journey that he takes his audiences on, breathing life into the stories he is telling. Dedicated to restoring health among men, guiding them towards unexplored territories of intimacy, connection and expression of emotions, he feels that addressing the root of men's pain is the true way to revolutionise gender inequality, abuse and restore power to relationships. With emotional clearing as a tool He holds men with gentle power, and calls them in to their truths.