Welcome to THE VOW!

We’re excited that you’re here, reading this, having said YES to yourself.

We understand that you have commented “I agree” in The Vow Facebook Group. If you haven’t please do so asap! We also invite you to return to them every once in a while to spark the “self responsibility” that this course is founded upon.


1. GET WHAT YOU CAME FOR We want you to get what you came for. In order for this to be met, you need to know what it is. Intend so clearly to get what you came for that it aligns (magikal manifesting being) and if practical in any way you’re feeling the need to raise a request - speak it to us! We’re here to serve you.

2. SPEAK TO ESSENCE It’s easy for us to talk our way around the centre of what we’re wanting to say. We implore you to start exercising what we call “speaking to essence.” Start at the middle and then speak your way around it. This helps to cultivate direct lines in communication which is a game changer in this social-creature world.

3. MIND HOW YOU SHOW UP The contents of this online course have been concocted with immense care and dedication. There is intention infused in every step. We get a sense that it will all still be relevant 10 years from now (in some form or another) because these videos are a story-based transmission. We intend for the simplicity of the videos and tasks to open up spaces for potent self reflection. How you show up to each of the videos will determine what the videos and task sheets reveal to you. Hold this in mind, and make use of it!