AT TRIBE OF DORIS 2016 & 2017

The Vela Tent was named before the name 'Vela Souls' was born. Our mission as a company is directly in line with The Vela Tent's nature. Welcoming people in as their truest selves, to explore, to connect to share and to grow - physically, mentally, soulfully.

Vela Souls hosted a new space at Tribe of Doris 2016. It was a space for collaboration, creativity and welcomed all things spontaneous. Acting as a hub for The Artist Development Team, we witnessed the beauty of so many magical moments. Souls wanting to share their gifts, explore their own possibilities, feel the freedom of an space which promotes equal relating. Without teacher student relationships we witnessed a powerful sharing, a deeper connecting and a permission given and received from everyone involved.


Instantly it created a sense of belonging. I value the daily intention setting and coming together in a circle. It felt like a very open space where anything could happen, making the experience for me very enjoyable and creative. I could chose to sing, dance, stretch and rest. The beginning of something very beautiful that I would like to continue. My only wish is I could have longer with the artists to explore ideas, listen to more voices, poetry and movement.
— Developing Artist
The tent was a place of refuge for relaxation, quiet connection and also expression. It gave my experience at Doris some grounding and I felt more involved and welcomed at Doris through being part of this space. Yana and Nyaniso hosted well and created an all inclusive experience for us.
— Developing Artist