It begins with this. When we drop out low vibration baggage and operate from a higher frequency or higher resonance, much more is possible for us as humans in this life. 

It's a common understanding. We all agree that when you're feeling down you are less able to operate effectively, right? And positive is more effective, productive, successful, strong, powerful etc.

This is simply because low vibrational emotions "bring us (our resonance) down" and high vibrations lighten us UP. As seen on the charts below.

The three maps below all highly influence The Spiral: Chakras, scale of consciousness, spiral dynamics. All of them say that the higher you go the more you are able to operate from a conscious, mindful place.

THE SPIRAL uses EMOTIONAL CLEARING to re-condition the subconscious brain.The whole thing consists of resetting 22 emotions in total, across 7 sessions.  For example, level 1 covers ground of Dogma, Guilt and Shame. Why these emotions? (because muscle testing gave Dane Tomas the answer back when he geniusly pieced this together) because they correspond directly with the themes and emotional resonance at the root chakra, base level of operating as a human.

When we reset the way we feel towards emotions themselves we offer ourselves a new depth of self-reflection and a freedom to start again.

Clearing the emotional associations to each of the emotions of The Spiral, enables us to activate a new level of clarity and consciousness in life, as well as dropping out mind boggling amounts of subconscious limiting behaviour... Literally drop out, like, "I'm supposed to be angry at this situation, but I just don't FEEL angry anymore" or, "in the past I would have been so overcome by fear that I would have never been able to do this, but now I can" or even "I can now think of that traumatic situation from the past without it impacting my emotional state"

The Spiral (and any emotional clearing work) is a different experience for everyone - as tailor made as our subconscious conditioning but time and time again we see those who commit to The Spiral journey making undeniable breakthroughs as a result: more confidence, less fear, deeper self love and self-worth, more things falling in place with less effort, profound connections, released anxiety, stage fright turned into stage performers to name but a few. 

Because... we LITERALLY drop out the emotional baggage. We CLEAR the emotional associations from the body. They no longer exist within us to play out.

We are practitioners of The Spiral - trained in Emotional Clearing. Feeling the call? Make the call... Be in touch to discuss working with us if you're keen to find out more.