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Please give at least 12 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. Family and or medical issues and emergency’s are an exception within reason. However with minor family and or medical issues phone contact within 6 hours is required.

Payment Terms

Payments are either cash or EFT.  Invoices are sent via email and payment is required on or before your session unless otherwise agreed.

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to decline a session without an obligation to provide any reason for doing so. We also reserve the right to reschedule a session at any time.


Vela Souls and or Yana Fay reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate access to its’ website and /or services for any reason at any time. We accept no responsibility for any interruption to services for reasons beyond our control. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, arrangements, warranties and understandings between you and us.


We, Yana Fay and Nyaniso Dzedze, are not doctors of medicine and do not practice this. We facilitate Emotional Clearing services. Please note that we do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat diseases or otherwise prescribe medication of any kind.

We do/assist with emotional clearing using trauma release methods. The methods Vela Souls practioners use in sessions are an officially recognised modality known as The Spiral. This is a self-healing process which requires you to be present and give permission for access to your energetic field, engage in any integration tasks given before, during or after sessions.

Participation is voluntary, therefore the participant takes the full responsibility for him or herself, and for his or her actions during the sessions and thereafter.

Please read the following carefully. Your signing and returning of this form acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the terms of service.


Name *
• I understand that my Spiral Practitioner will facilitate and provide support along the way but that, ultimately, I am responsible for my physical, mental and emotional well-being, and I will seek additional appropriate support if necessary. *
• I understand Yana Fay and Nyaniso Dzedze, are not doctors of medicine and only practice as trained practitioners of Emotional Clearing modality ‘The Spiral’ *
• I understand that each “level” of the process affects people differently and that the results of each clear may take some time to become fully apparent to me. *
• I understand that “The Spiral” is a seven-part process and that the results of this work may not become apparent until I have completed the entire process or even until months after the work has been completed and integrated. *
• I understand that my purchase of this program is a commitment to undertaking the entire journey and that stopping partway through is not advisable. *
• I take full responsibility for the level of effectiveness of this program. I acknowledge that clearing emotions may not by itself produce ANY noticeable changes in my behaviour and life circumstances unless I take appropriate action to integrate and support those shifts. My practitioner will support me with suggestions for aiding the integration process, however, whether I pursue these actions or not is entirely my own decision and responsibility. *
• I agree to disclose to my practitioner any current usage of prescription medication (including antidepressants), and/or recreational drugs, as these may affect my results. *
• I understand that the sessions take place in a non-judgemental ‘safe space’ and that the content of our conversations and clearing work will be kept completely confidential. *
• I understand that in working with either of the two practitioners of Vela Souls, both Nyaniso and Yana are available to me for support/ advice and they are both privy to all information regarding my journey. *
• I agree to be responsible for booking and keeping my Spiral appointments and for giving notice should I need to reschedule an appointment. *
• I commit to paying for the program in full prior to our first session, or to paying it off by the end of the program if paying by payment plan (to be negotiated in writing). *
• I give my Spiral Practitioner full permission to be honest and direct with me and to hold me accountable in order to help me get the results I seek. *
• I understand that I have chosen to work with this practitioner based on my trust in their ability and expertise. I acknowledge that the clearing process has been explained to me and I understand how the process works. *