Please read through the following agreements carefully and check the boxes to affirm you are happy with all the details listed


Name *
• I understand that the sessions take place in a non-judgmental ‘safe space’ and that the content of our conversations and clearing work will be kept completely confidential within Vela Souls. *
• I understand that in working with either of the two practitioners of Vela Souls, both Nyaniso and Yana are available to me for support/ advice and they are both privy to all information regarding my journey. *
• I take full responsibility for my results. I realise that although the coaching and clearing work employed by the Spiral Practitioner have consistently produced - massive results with many other recipients, that these results typically come from ACTION taken after emotional shifts have taken place. I therefore resolve to take action after each session and to follow through on the tasks assigned to me by the practitioner at each level of the process. *
• I give the practitioner full permission to be honest and direct with me, to call me on my shit when necessary and to take me out of my comfort zone when required in order to help me get the results I seek. *
• I acknowledge that I may or may not FEEL any specific shifts during the course of the work and that the ‘proof of the pudding’ will be revealed when I attempt to undertake new behaviours or approaches to life. *
• I agree to provide Vela Souls with honest feedback for testimonial purposes *
• I understand that the Spiral Journal, and The Spiral FB community are designed to help me integrate and understand this work. I understand that journaling, sharing my experiences (however subtle they may be) will help me to process the change work more effectively and support me in getting value from the process. *