Show Me, in collaboration with Sonority Turner. Funded by The Roundhouse Film Fund. Live version performed at Tribe of Doris 2015.

Poetry: Sonority Turner
Dance: Yana Seidl
Film: Sonority Turner, Steve Atkin, Yana Seidl
Edit: Yana Seidl, Nyaniso Dzedze
Costume: Fancy Moeti
Funded by: The Roundhouse Film Fund


"It’s like there’s always been a dancer living inside of me, fighting to be seen and felt. Dance is my first love, truest expression, my most potent form of feeling alive, a language that reaches deeper places than words. But only behind closed doors did I really dance. Dancing behind closed doors kept my most precious and personal space safe, safe from judgement, safe from criticism, safe from the outside world. Safe isn't satisfying though. Speaking only to yourself gets lonely, and to never be seen is to never adventure. Working as a film-maker, photographer and having hidden behind the lens for years, the time came to step in front of it.

Sonority Turner /Stephanie Turner and I have been on a journey. A journey of discovery, of depth, of self, of fears. A journey we call #ShowMe. Show Me is more than a video, more than one short piece, more than a product. It's a process, a concept, an idea that resonates deeply in one way or another with every human I know. Show Me is a challenge, a welcome, a practice, a sharing. Show Me is a gift to ourselves, and each other. Show me has been planted, belongs to everyone and promises to grow.

From me to you." - Yana Seidl 2015.