You may know that me and Nyaniso have been navigating deep trigger spaces for years now.

We both have a relentlessness in the way we throw ourselves into the fire.

Over the years we’ve formulated beautiful ways to set containers, to spew what would otherwise be MESSY

We’ve learned to identify what mindsets are running and what the “clashes” are made from

and we feel excited and ready to share this one GOLDEN piece with you…

We call it the “plugins”


What I've been experiencing is this:

There's different plugins for our dynamic.

(and this goes for anyone, always - just your plugins may be different to ours)

RACIAL - black, white.
GENDER - man, woman
HUMAN / SEXUAL - two animals biologically responding to the world in different ways.
HISTORICAL / FAMILY - (close to racial and gender) the lessons we were taught, the upbringing we had
SELF DEVELOPMENT - mindset, coaching, emotional process
SOUL - both fractals of universal consciousness experiencing divinity through life

etc. You get it.

The more we plug OURSELVES into a particular framework, the more we plug everyone else into it too.

The more I see myself as white, the more I see Nyaniso as black.

The more I see myself as a woman, the more I see Nyaniso as man.

The more I see myself as a soul, the more I see others as a soul.

We see and think and act different when we are functioning through different plugins.

The clashes come, when we have conversations from DIFFERENT plugins WITHOUT REALIZING.

Opt into this teaching to learn how to:

Learn how plugins work and what to do when you identify them

Identify which plugins are running and how to communicate what you see

Set containers and communicate expectations to liberate conversations

Hear our personal stories of when this worked, and when it didn’t


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