Greetings Beautiful,

Thank you for being here - I’m excited for our journey ahead. Before going into the details I want to assert that you and I are both here for your journey. I am invested in holding space for the most potent transformation for you. Should you have any requests, questions, desires along the way, I’m here to serve you in finding all the assurance, the deep knowing, the juicy goodness, the love inside of you!



  • Weekly video (published on Wednesdays)
  • Related worksheet
  • Weekly task (or several) to focus on
  • Weekly group call on Thursdays (8pm UK time)

    The above will become active via the links on the course homepage (click the arrow at the top left to get there). You will go through these in your own time.
  • Weekly webinar - you can join this live or catch the replay (or both)
  • Live videos on the facebook group
  • Facebook group to share your journey in - witnessed others in the process and be witnessed too

Note that you can book your 1-on-1 sessions with me for any time which suits you here

I encourage you to be present in the Facebook group, share your own process in a way which best serves your growth and support others as they do the same. The sisterhood element of this journey feels strong! I'm looking forward to watching it unfold.


Introduction days: Setting Intentions and meeting the group
Starts 13th October

Week 1 :
Head - Heart - Womb
Connecting to the body and diving deeper for the dreams
The skill of affirmation

Week 2: Pelvic Bowl Magick
Getting to know the pelvic bowl
Ideas - Holding - Birthing - Pleasure

Week 3: Ovarian Energy
Balancing the inner masculine and feminine
Mother and father blueprints

Week 4: Womb Space
Mirror theory. The atmosphere within and without
Learn Emotional Clearing

Week 5: Womb Walls
The seasons of our menstrual cycle - tuning into them for a deeper connection to self
Menstruation magick

Week 6: Cervical Energy
Divine timing and the body’s consent
Vulnerability, privacy and being open

Week 7: The Vagina and The Voice
The vagina throat connection - strengthening the vagina and activating the voice
Pussy power - shame and power

Week 8: Clitoris and Commitment to Pleasure
Orgasmic life - Embodying a celebration of self-love, self-pleasure

Reflection - Next Steps


With Love Always - So looking forward!