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The clitoris relates to the pleasure phase of the ideas - holding - birthing - pleasure system I’ve introduced you to.
Accessing our clitoral energy allows us to tap into an energized, orgasmic state. One which brightens the world around us and brings everything into a new depth of colour and sound. Clitoral energy activates a sensory experience. A heightened ability to receive the world, and sit with the emotion of that receiving.

This sensuality brings us into a present state which opens up our capacity to be in the now and be true to ourselves in the now. There is a relaxation which happens in this. A surrender to the world around us. A blissful acceptance, which creates breathing space, which in turn generates inspiration which feeds back into the IDEAS phase of the system I’ve introduced you to. This completes the cycle.

So we move from ideas to holding to birthing to pleasure which then feeds back into the ideas again.

Illness is caused by stagnancy. Resisting pleasure resists the completion of a cycle, and has a knock on effect. Stagnant emotions and stagnant energy build and create physical symptoms of stagnancy in our body. Pleasure is the honouring of movement, it is the allowing of shifts to occur, the riding of waves. It honours the stillness that we can find in the now as we move with the world moving around us. A delicate, harmonious synchronicity.

You know how surrendering during the winter phase of our menstrual cycle is really important. That choosing not to interferes with our ability to come into the energy of spring with full power. It’s the same here with the pleasure energy.

We need to allow our birthed babies to speak back to us. We must cradle them and acknowledge them, with self compassion and celebration for the journey. Here's where we face ourselves. Here's where we reflect.

It’s really common, (and I’m guilty of this) to skip this pleasure phase and get straight back to the to do lists, the pile of ideas which are waiting. It’s not a good way to work. The more I breathe pleasure into my life, the richer everything becomes.

This pleasure permeates into the next creative cycle ahead of me, and then emits out through the work I give to the world.

Avoiding this pleasure just isn’t wise. Or rather, embracing it is.

Avoidance can also lead to a voice in our bodies which says, “why bother birthing anything then?”

And then we stay pregnant with these many different projects being held inside of us. With nothing to really show for it. Nothing having been birthed. This leads to contraction and fear. Tuning into pleasure, opens us up and calls in a reason for our babies to come into this world. It’s an invite, a calling to our future creations to appear.  

Orgasmic energy is not synonymous with sexy. And when I say this, what I really mean is that image of orgasm, and the energy of it are two very different things.

We’ve been taught to stifle our pleasure FEELINGS whilst putting on a pleasure mask. Our sexy outfits and sultry moves can look the part. If there isn’t any energetic movement in the body though, then nothing’s really going on. We’re not energetically moving internally. And so we’re not really feeling pleasure, we’re just looking like it.

This “looking like” is something which we are bombarded with as women. Looking the part, looking good enough, make up, clothes, body image, diets, working out, being sexy, but not being overwhelming in that power, and really what often happens is we get really good at pretending. Even things like, “smile.” I’m sure you know what I mean.

We have been trained to put on pleasure faces and wear pleasure bodies to appease the want of the world around us

The mask becomes real. Our pleasure is oppressed. As well as our play.

We're shamed for it.

When our feelings of pleasure and play are stifled and shut down, the greatest thing we can do for our health, our confidence, our connection to self, is to grant ourselves full permission to feel all the pleasure our body desires. Grant ourselves the permission is really important here.

Here’s a funny thing. We’ve been conditioned to hold back our expression of negative emotions, leading to them stagnating in our bodies. When shame is anchored to pleasure, we hold back our expression of pleasure and connection to pleasure. With positive emotions on the other hand, we’ve been taught to expel them excitedly. Jumping for joy. Screaming from the rooftops excitedly.

Holding pleasure in our bodies can feel really uncomfortable. Really really uncomfortable. I remember birthing a really huge project and coming to the pleasure phase had me full of gratitude. I noticed this compulsion in my body to release it. To scream and jump and dance around. Something deeper called to me though, and I heard a need to feel these emotions of gratitude in stillness rather than movement. Physical stillness I mean. Energetically inside everything was moving.  

I noticed that inside of me, I have a huge well of negative emotions which can be tapped into at any time. The well for my positive emotions, on the other hand, was dry. I’d used up all the pleasurable feelings in expressing them.

That day I committed to feeling excitement and celebration inside. Channeling these feelings into the positive well, to fill it. Holding these feelings inside felt as uncomfortable, and very parallel to shame and fear and other negative emotions.

A few days after, I was at the airport and had checked in my luggage without a lock. Usually I would have worried about it. This time though, I had a well of gratitude and positivity inside of me, which I quickly tapped into, and felt eased by. Trust came flooding in and I found my joy in the moment.       

Play with these two ways of relating to pleasure. Holding it within, and expressing it boldly. I feel both are important to finding our fierce juicy celebrating self. Reveling in the goodness of our clitoral energy, in its many different forms.

It’s bitter sweetly metaphorical that the real size of our clitoris has been kept a weird kind of secret which appears and then disappears again from the science books. The bead of our clitors is the tiniest of clues to the power our body holds. The pleasure power. This beautiful, huge organ inside of us, designed purely for pleasure…

Pleasure allows us to connect with the depths of our creativity. It’s an energy which feeds imagination, curiosity, adventure. We can tap into the truth that we make meaning in our lives, and use intention to juice up the way we engage with our day to day lives.

You could pick up a leaf or a flower and decide it’s gonna activate the greatest access to orasm ever. And if you step into that, with the conviction of any child in serious play, you will believe it. Your self affirming nature will spot all the reasons you are right, and before you know you’ll be in that delicious heavenly bliss of oragsmic wonder.

Because of a leaf, or a flower, yes. More so, though, because you utilised your connection to play and conviction in a way which designed a world you wish for.

Fully claim this. This power, your pleasure inside.

Fully claim your capacity for creation. See where you have created. Cradle those babies, play with them, speak with them, and see how they speak back to you.