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The cervix has to do with natural opening, openness and deep surrender. All the common themes we relate to the heart. The cervix relates to the birthing phase of the ideas - holding - birth - pleasure system I have introduced you to.

There was once a time when I wanted to dance.

I held dance inside of my body with such passion. I would dance behind closed doors all the time. Speaking to people of dancing brought a glimmer to my eyes, but I couldn’t every show myself dancing, at all.

I wanted it. I just couldn't bring myself to share that precious private space with anyone.

In hindsight, I had dance in my womb space, but never birthed it into the world.

These days, when I dance, REALLY dance I mean, I meditate on my cervical energy for that opening and ease with being seen as a dancer and birthing my work into the world.

Stepping into my journey of sharing my dance publicly felt uncomfortable to begin with. It felt vulnerable. Much like the birth of any baby into the world. The fear of others witnessing me, or of potential judgement or harm haunted me. As well as the unpredictability of how that gift will grow and speak back me. Will I like it? Will I be good enough? Is it the right time? Has it been in my womb energy long enough? I mean, is it ready to be birthed?

The cervix is the mediator for our birth, and the regulator of our release when we bleed. The cervical energy is the key to opening to stepping up and stepping in.

Sometimes we’re ready, and sometimes we’re not. The cervical energy helps us to connect with our truth here and determine how best to move forward.

The cervix FEELS. It really feels.

When we massage the cervix, we often invoke an emotional response. As I mentioned before, it’s regarded the heart of our vagina, and is energetically linked to the heart (heart heart, the real heart itself). Tuning into the cervix tunes us into our heart.

When we open the cervix we open the heart. When we honour the cervix, we honour the heart. Here we connect with our own transparency. Natural opening, a sense of safety and the love which permeates from this place.

In relation to these themes, love and vulnerability is commonly felt. Our cervix feels into our safety. It assesses the surroundings, and the inner landscapes.

What are you open to? What are you not open to?

When are you open? When are you not open?

Are ready, or not?

Questioning ourselves in relation to openness allows us to work with a timing designed for us. As ever, tuning in to listen to your truth is vital to health. Our typical deadlines in life relate to date and number and externally imposed obligations. These exercised habits which we've accumulated from school days and 9-5 norms can disconnect us from our deeper truth, and leads to us overlooking our real needs. Aligning our actions to our truth (cervical truth) serves us in such deep ways!

We cannot birth a baby naturally if the cervix hasn’t opened.

Literally and metaporically too.

If we go against our natural timing we begin to operate from force rather than power. It becomes painful, it becomes a push against what feels natural. When we insist upon meeting deadlines at the cost of our own well-being, we are going against the energy of our cervix. This makes life harder. Full stop.

(Remember we can work  intention to align to frameworks and the dates of our deadlines to still meet them. We can still function in the real world whist tuning into our cervix. 

There is an energetic wall between the womb and the vagina which the cervix commands. In this fast paced world of shoulds and shouldn’ts, waiting for the right moment can require patience and a whole lot of self compassion. But  it really is the healthiest and most efficient way to move forward. Especially if emotional, personal and creative input is involved.

The more we push forcefully, the more damage we do to ourselves. I can’t stress how effortlessly life flows when we work with the organic unfolding of the right time.

The birth phase which the cervix relates to can be uncomfortable. Offering our babies to the world feels vulnerable. Giving birth, or giving life to our precious creations activates our emotions and also a whole lot of change. It's a process.

Think of how much a woman’s body changes through birth. Energetically this happens to us  too. Say, a performance. Or the submission of new writing. Or posting a video for the first time. Or saying “I love you” to that special someone for the first time when you’ve been meaning to for a while.

It’s uncomfortable. It's uncertain. Like I said, it's a process.

The stretch is what I know this discomfort. The stretch refers to the feeling which follows expansion, new steps, growth. It’s that age old protective fear mechanism in our bodies saying “don’t grow, it’s not safe to go where we haven’t gone before”

This contraction battles to protect us when we step into unexplored versions of self.

The cervical energy serves us when it come to this discomfort in two ways.

Firstly, honouring the natural time of our bodies can bring enjoyment to the experience of opening. Even when it feels uncomfortable. This enjoyment comes through trusting that you’re in the right place. Listening to the cervical energy and feeling that depth of “now’s your time,” This can bring a lot of reassurance and relaxing.

Secondly, meditating on the cervical energy, counteracts this instinctive contraction. It’s a way to open up gently, slowly in your own time.

Try it. Breathe in deep and connect to your cervix. You can do this just through visualisation and mental awareness, or you can also gently reach for your cervix inside, laying down with one leg up is usually the best way to do this. Note that the cervix physically moves higher and lower in your body in relation to your cycles and also in relation to sex. It also differs from soft to hard. When we are in our Spring and Summer phases, it sits higher in the body where it is softer and moister to allow the sperm to come in. When we are in our Autumn and Winter phases is drops lower and is physically harder with a slight opening for menstruation.

Feel how there’s a gentle relaxation which happens in your body when this space is given attention and touched. It may evoke emotions and I feel another important piece to share is that a lot of ancestral wounds are carried in the cervix. The more our cervical energy trusts that we will listen closely, the less intense and severe the open and close will feel. When we trust the signals of our cervix, we are able to dive into depths which otherwise feel overwhelming. We do this knowing that it’s the right time and feeling reassured by that truth our deep inner knowing gives us.