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The egg travels from the ovaries into the womb space. Seeking to grow ready for birth. A entity wishing for welcome, mothering, and care.

If the womb is a room in your body, think of ‘space’ as the atmosphere of that room. It’s connected to the holding phase of the ideas - holding - birth - pleasure system I have introduced you to.

Womb space is where this life of ours began. The jounrey started, Immersed in our mother’s womb. Receiving the transmission of all that she had held in her - her emotions, her trauma, her love. All these things wove their way into us as we grew.

Womb space epitomises connection, intimacy, holding. Womb space connects us with our capacity for mothering. Mothering ideas, babies, business projects. Connecting with them and caring for them for their growth.

Through womb space we receive. Womb walls, which we will explore next week provide the counterpart release.

This receptive aspect of the womb links to yearning, desire and deep calling. It is where the portal sits between here and the place we came from. The veil is thinner in this epicenter of our pelvic bowl and provides a close relationship to our truth, our higher self. Here lies the core energy of this inner system you are getting to know.

Take a deep breath in.

Feel into your womb space.

How do you relate to this notion of mothering?

What sits here in your body and how does it affect your relationship to your dreams? Your desires, your ideas, your gifts?

When my womb space lacked strength, I would indulge in plans and list off hundreds of ideas. Dance projects and drawings and articles which promised to one day become something great. My ideas felt great, I knew they could become big, but I was overcome with resistance. I didn’t have the energetic capacity to nurture these ideas. And so I didn't live up to my perfect vision. A lack of mothering these dreams lead to me submitting final products too early or not at all. I didn't give the the right ripening time necessary to these dreams and so the final baby I birthed lacked a sense of completion.

The power of what transmits through womb space when it is active, is potent.

When we lay in our mother’s womb, her emotions affected us - they transmitted to us. This same transmission effect goes for how we hold any idea in womb space. The emotions held in this space will always have an effect on how those ovarian ideas manifest.

If we are fearful or stressed, our gifts will carry fear and stress. If we are confident and excited, the same goes. There are two ways to understand where our body is at. The first is to tune into the inner world. Things like closing your eyes, breathing into this space. Things like opening yourself to hear the words, or see the visions which appear. The messages laying in your body for you.

The second is to observe the outside world as a reflection of your inner world. To translate the things we see and experience as symbols for our soul's voice.

Synchronicity happens in service for us.

The two work hand in hand in a cyclical nature.

By shifting up our internal landscape, the world around us changes.

By shifting up our external landscape, the world inside us changes.

This is what we call mirror theory. The notion that the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within. The world is responding to our internal programming. We are perceiving the world through our individual filters.

How we relate to our emotions is reflected in our cleaning and tidying habits. This is only one area in the outside world we can go to to reflect.

Have you ever experienced big emotions move through you when you tidy your living space? When you scrub the dirt and sweep the floors it scrubs and sweeps something inside.

New curtains, a house plant, a lamp which casts a different light. You know how those small things can permeate change into us? It has to do with this mirror effect.

What are your habits when it comes to cleaning?

When do you indulge in the mess and when do you fuss about having everything perfect and right. These behaviour patterns will show you a lot about your internal nature.

Do you you like wallowing in it? Does it become overwhelming and lead to you short circuiting to ignore the feelings. Do you hoard and struggle to let things go? Are you a clean freak and can’t stand the sight of mess so avoid it at all costs? What do each of these things say about how you hold your emotions, your stories, your trauma?

How do you welcome visitors into your space - how do you welcome ideas into your womb space?

Our cycle leads us to a monthly process of letting go through menstruation. Without a clear understanding  of how to tune into the cycles, our womb space can become congested. Emotions waiting to release build up. This can lead to self sabotage, halting, and inner hostility.

When the womb space's needs aren't met, it can feel dark and murky and messy.

Stories of shame and guilt, stories of low self worth tend to hang around in these spaces. Ever known that you want to do that thing, know you’re capable of it, but can't bring yourself to do it?

That’s the womb space not catering to the ovarian ideas.

When we have a mess inside, avoiding the mess outside allows us to revel in the bliss of ignorance. Tidying our living space tells our inner world that we want change. Especially if it’s with clear intention. With this we can make room to see more of ourselves inside - to identify what needs to shift.

What can you do in the outside world to symbolise your intentions for your womb space? Shift up your external environment to meet the needs of your internal space and watch how life changes fast.

Our capacity for growth and action is dependent on being able to bring our ideas into existence.
How your womb space accepts or rejects these ideas determines what becomes of them. Will they ever become fruit we can pick and bite into? Articles we can re-read? Dance projects that are performed to audiences? Business ideas that make money?

Energizing womb space and connecting with it serves us all in mothering the aspects of our life we wish to care for most preciously. The projects, the people, the places.

This week I encourage you to start finding the parallels. Common threads between your outer world and your inner world. Tidy your home space, bring something new in to honour change, get rid of old things which are no longer serving you. Look out for patterns which allow you to see deeper into your own subconscious behaviour. To hold, to mother, to grow your dreams with greater ease.