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Life conditions us mentally to  think a lot. To think about what is right and wrong, to think about other what other people will think and we get caught up in these fast paced thoughts. They move faster and faster and faster and can become tiresome and confusing.

We try to cling to the good thoughts because we know we should. And then can’t help but give in to the destructive ones and kind of beat ourselves up for that.

We give a lot of energy and credit to the thoughts we let in.

Headspace can be great - thinking is a skill and a disciplined mind is one of the sharpest tools to wish for, I believe. Thinking is not so great for making personal, authentic decisions though. It’s not so great for guidance and intuitive truth.

Everything moves so fast in our mind that consistency dissolves, and it becomes difficult to know what is really true to us among the many conflicting thoughts. Decisions then become difficult.  


Heart space is linked to how we feel a lot of the time.

How we feel is often dictated to by old emotional conditioning. Stagnated emotions having anchored themselves in our subconscious, playing ut. Our feelings can throw us around which can lead to us feeling unsafe in our being.

One moment we feel confident, the next we feel shame. We play games with our emotions, expelling the positive ones quickly with big bursts of energy. On the flip side ignoring the negative ones for the rainy day which never comes. Fear comes marching in telling us we shouldn’t because it’s not safe. We beat ourselves up for being fearful and then we cling on desperately to the notion of love - the obligation of love - love being the answer.  Strange things that we equate to love then start to play out in unbalanced ways, be it self-worth or openness, or being kind or being self-sacrificial, or putting ourselves second to everyone else… Feelings can become unhealthy when we don’t have the tools to read them.


There’s a deeper way to feel.

The womb. She lays in the middle of the pelvic bowl: The energy centre which sits in our hips waiting to be unleashed upon the world. The energetic anatomy of our ovaries, our womb, our cervix, our vagina and our clitoris. Each with their profound role to play in guiding us and serving us and feeding us all the greatest answers for the greatest life.

Womb space holds our truth. It’s where we need to go when making decisions.

Womb First - Head later.

Generationally we’ve been disconnected from this space inside of ourselves. The lives of our ancestors are embedded in our dna - we are connected to a collective narrative so much greater that our own. That's why sisterhood is so important. Acknowledging and honouring the connections we share is vital to our healing. We’ve been taught to shame our bodies, and not be too powerful. And then we have to face all these external demands put upon us - bombarding us with more stimulation than we can handle, we become traumatized. Too much and not enough become these huge things in our life and that stores in our system.

Our trauma collects in our pelvic bowl - it’s where we release from naturally during menstruation. With all the trauma we’ve had to face, directly, and indirectly - the subtle and the harsh attack on our bodies can leave us feeling like the world isn’t a safe enough space to face ourselves and process what's on pause inside of us. We refrain from delving into what needs to be faced and the trauma holds our energy hostage.

In order to activate the energy, we must shake out the stagnated emotion, the experiences we haven’t yet processed, the shit still in our system playing out. Only then will we awaken in big ways…

We must digest the undigested baggage, unlock the wisdom inside and learn to dance with this power-center. Learn how it speaks - learn how to respond.

It can sound gorgeous and delicious, but not so day to day at times - this women’s work. I remember days when it all felt cryptic and I’ve been digging for the gems ever since.

These days ahead are about integrating your deep inner knowing into the mundane, awakening your senses  and bringing life into a new kind of colour.

The emotional clearing I facilitate is designed to release that trauma I speak of.

It’s time to reclaim this space inside. For ourselves, for what we have to gift to the world, for our ability to facilitate change when we step in deeper, further, faster, stronger, more gently, more aligned.

It’s about alignment.

When we align our yes and no to our deepest truths,

We align our choices to our deepest truths too…

Which of course, means that the world around us aligns the same way.


It’s funny - I think of my higher self as a self which sits in the womb. By the doorway which we enter through in our mothers bodies. The veil is thinner and we have a deep grounding in the way we can connect to these other sensory realms.

By dropping in we can awaken our senses. We can fine tune our ability to know what to keep and what to release. Which thoughts and feelings to pay attention to and which to let go of.

This journey together is about finding this power within. Knowing how to drop into the beauty of this space, so it can serve you.

A beautiful way to awaken this purpose-energy is to drop into our dreams. Our deepest dreams. The ones we’ve been avoiding because they involve facing that trauma. Drop into them deep and lovingly with the courage to claim them.

Imagine how good it will feel for your dreams when you claim them at last. Declare your love for them to the world.

This week is about getting to know your pelvic bowl, how it feels physically, how it feels to drop into. Massage your groin, your thighs, you bum, around your pussy, your hips your belly - feel it all. Find the lumps the bumps and the bones, appreciate the squishy and the tense, and breathe deep into the physical release that this brings. Tension stores in our bodies - you know how we need to massage out shoulder tension to release stress , we need to massage all around our pelvic bowl the same way - to generate a positive flow in our system.

Dance with it too, dance sensually every day. Tune into your senses as you move. Play with sight and sound and touch and taste - Feel yourself. What happens when you move like this? If we look at traditional dances globally, men dance in their chests and women dance in their hips. Our deep power as women sits in this space. Dropping into our hips as we dance activates this energy inside of us and really brings us to life.

Feel it. Feel into what comes up as you do this.

Remember that the journey is not linear, it’s up and down and spirals around like a good looking scribble in a globe - we face ourselves time and time again and will forever move through the fluctuations of life. It’s nature - it’s cyclical - that’s kinda just how it works.

We can get to know our nature though. Learn to read the signs and know what we need when. We can use this power in service of ourselves and all that we dream for.

In the coming weeks I will give you tools to navigate those fluctuations with greater clarity and ease. Self compassion is a crowning rule of mine and I ask you to breathe it in deeply for yourself all the way through our journey ahead.

When I'm feeling a little bit bugged out and low for energy, the places that I go to are my dreams and my body. It freshens me up, it brings me into a new level of purpose, and so I invite you into doing the same for yourself in these coming days and weeks ahead.

So much love for you being here with me on this journey. A beautiful journey.

My heart to yours. I'm looking forward.