We both stepped into another deep emotional clearing process. We’ve done loads of these and the rhythm has been found.

We spend a few days summoning our intentions, charging up the journey ahead. We identify the strongest positive and negative traits to be addressed for the process. We map it all out.

This time I was clearing around “The Bitter Darling” The archetypal energy of South African women (in my perception)... I want to connect with South Africa and her women in deeper ways.
He was clearing around a boy from childhood who seriously tainted his ability to trust ANYONE.

Traits found were things like,

“Spits on my dead body”
“The real Queen”

Really charged words. We charge them up...

We then dive in to clear them.

We acknowledge that we’re moving through lots and agree to stay as mindful as possible through integration. We’ve gotten good at this cause practice makes practiced. We’re practiced!

As we move through the aftermath of the clearing, we each evolve in all the perfectly coincidental ways.

I think that’s part of being in a relationship like this. We become what the other has to face for their process - again and again, and again. We’re in soul-service to one another. It’s a blessing and a bitch.

If one of us clears things around TRUST then subconsciously trust will be brought to the fore in our relationship. The person moving through the clears will experience what they need to in order to integrate the trust clears fully.

If one of us clears around abandonment, best believe the other will unintentionally evoke abandon.

We laugh about it when we’re through to the other side…

Damn though! It’s a wild ride when you’re in it.

Real wild!