Emotions are a fleeting experience . They are brief and short-lived. They come with great force, full of conviction. They will make you believe that they ARE what they bring the message of. Then they're gone... Just as quickly as they came.

Don't get caught up in this gust of wind. It brings a message and little more.

In these moments I have learned to sit still and let what needs to move to move. I have learned to listen and allow. That way lessons carried by the emotions serve me gently, quickly and to the core.


Acting on emotion is deceptive.Its a lie. it will often leave you with regret on the other side of reckless action.

At the very least take a deep breath in, and digest as much of what you feel as possible with that breathe... THEN a act.

Here in this warm island sea... I breathe. I breathe in divine messages. some sting like venomous sea urchins and some feel like the bliss of a wife’s cuddles.

Breathe. Digest. Then ACT.