My Dad often said “we grow like trees”

One layer at a time.

Each version of self, hugged within another.

With various inner children, and various teeny-bopper selves…

And various layers trying to adult.

Each of them with a different want and a different need.

When there’s conflict within me, it’s most likely that (in essence) one layer of me has highjacked another. One version of me isn’t getting what they need because another is being prioritized.

The part of me who wants validation and safety is highjacking the dreamer in me who doesn’t give a fuck…

The sooner I can mediate a conversation between them - the sooner they can support each other and fall in love.

That’s what self-love is made of.

It’s the foundations of living a self-first life.

And it’s a key component when it comes to The Vow. An online offering which starts so soon!