In the approach to my upcoming workshop, a couple of Queens over at The Goddess League (Who will be co-hosting the event) have asked me some questions.


Cleo and I [Inka] both have had sessions with you and loved the ease behind the method of clearing our energetic blockages--How did you begin your journey as an energetic practitioner of these methods?
I was living out in South Africa, the toxicity levels of my relationship with Nyaniso were beginning to cripple us both and cracks were starting to show in my well-being. I was projecting endless amounts of my emotional pain onto him, believing it was all because of him, when the reality was far deeper. I was raped when I was thirteen, my Dad passed away when I was fourteen and a life unravelled a sequence of unhealthy relating to men throughout my teens. Nyaniso was carrying the weight of my trauma. Years prior I had met Dane Tomas, (the founder of the main method we now work with) in Melbourne. We kept in touch via facebook and he opened his ‘Spiral’ world to me saying he could help. Nyaniso followed along the way shortly after. I had stepped in desperate, and skeptical. I fought it until I couldn’t fight it anymore. It worked. It works. We transformed. Powerfully so. And so I felt called to embody and facilitate this work myself. Nyaniso and I flew to Australia to train as practitioners together and the rest is Vela Souls’ history. Nyaniso and I live, breathe and love with this work every day, helping individuals and couples to detoxify their trauma-filled stories. There’s no turning back when you step into a journey like this.

How have these tools helped you in your own life?
I no longer have to establish coping mechanisms in my life. I can address my issues at the very root, snipering them directly to change how I feel about them. It’s that simple. I would have once deemed this impossible, but it’s not. It’s totally possible! I can release the anger, or the fear or… anything!... I can release it, break the cycle, dismantle the conditioning in moments and choose my choice. These tools take emotional self-responsibility to new heights. I no longer expect others to compromise themselves for my triggers. I no longer hold Nyaniso (or anyone else at that) responsible for my own wellbeing. Power! I have a tangible freedom to choose my path and commit to any version of myself that I wish to be… Which allows me to celebrate others doing the same. So much of our thought patterns and behaviour are driven by emotion, being able to change the emotion changes everything.

Could you elaborate how the human body is a system of energetic circuits and how these circuits get “blocked” with unresolved emotions?
Let’s begin with the physical body. A collection of organs - each organ has various functions which serve the “physical body system” as a whole. Similarly, we have an energetic body. A collection of energetic pathways and hubs (you may be familiar with chakras and meridians) which navigate interactions with our physiological and neurological pathways. The translation of these systems vary across cultures, but the general understanding of our energy body is agreed upon and remains. As we walk through life we consume the world around us and our systems process our experiences. We live in a society which overstimulates though - we’re being “overfed”. We also live in a society which discourages healthy expression of extreme or negative emotion. These two things paired lead to a build up of stagnated experience. As the unprocessed emotion of these experiences has not yet concluded its mission of bringing wisdom to the body, it simply sits (as trauma), preventing optimum flow, influencing our behaviour patterns and holding the attention of vital life force energy. By concluding the digestion of our emotions, we can access the wisdom of our experiences, optimise our life force energy to be used for powerful transformation and rapidly speed up our growth as human beings, coming into closer alignment with our soul purpose - or whatever you like to call it - mission, love, truth.

So what is your role? How do you actually help clear and unblock these emotions for other people?

I am a practitioner of a very newly formed hybrid emotional clearing method. There are currently around 60 existing practitioners, my partner Nyaniso being one of them too. I’m the first European to have trained (there’s now a few) and Nyaniso is the first African practitioner. The tools we use draw from kinesiology’s muscle testing methods and human behaviour models from the coaching world. I, as a practitioner, am trained to drop into my client’s system and release their stagnated emotions as an emotional surrogate. We facilitate a number of processes, applying this method to various areas of life. My own key areas of interest include, toxic relating, pelvic bowl work, body work, divine feminine wisdom, masculine and feminine partnership and addressing imbalances in gender relating.


From your own experience, what types of energetic blockages do you find are most common among women and why?

Women carry the majority of their un-dealt-with emotional issues in their pelvic bowl. I’ve worked with a lot of women now. It’s piercingly clear to me that we carry epigenetic emotional hand downs of our foremothers. Ridiculous amounts of transmission occurs when we are in our mother’s wombs, and with generations of disconnect from this powersource, we have grown immersed in our mother’s trauma. We are literally born from it. I feel like a lot of womb work (as well as general emotional release) is really addressing the generational stories we are formed of. From this perspective it doesn’t take much to understand the oppression which we carry. Fear, shame and grief are common recurring themes when I work with women. Fear prevents us from truly claiming our power and stepping into our greatest potential, it holds us back from claiming the feminine essence that we are the keepers of. And in reality, the flipside is that we now fear the rising of our power as we’re not familiar with the way it moves and how to tend to it. Shame is the controlling force, it reigns supreme when it comes to controlling power, and prevents so many women from connecting to their sensual fires. It’s an emotion which purely relates to societal structure and “what others will think” and has for generations been the queen of dogmatic oppression. As far as grief goes, we’ve allowed so much to die within our bodies without real understandings of how to release this death. We have become disconnected from our cycles, our sensual states, surrender, the nature which is intrinsic to our health. We have lost touch with the innate wisdom which serves us - there’s lots of be grieving! As individuals and as a collective.  

Why do you feel most women don’t seem to know about the importance of energetic clearing?

Where is the information? When I first stepped into this path of re-connecting with my feminine powers, I trawled through mountains of cryptic, non-specific, beautifully poetic but vacant seeming information to find the nuggets. “Connect to the divine feminine, she is the source of all healing” - Ok! But who is she? And how? It took a long time for me to really piece together an embodied understanding of what was being said. And I was seeking hard, compelled and committed to this calling I felt. For the majority of women, this wisdom feels inaccessible, or un-relatable. It’s “just not for them.” See, we have been conditioned to shame our sensual essence, taught to disconnect from our bodies. This disconnection perpetuates further disconnection, from self and the topics at hand. When I ask a woman to drop into her body, she will typically drop into her heart, which is beautiful - but rarely will she drop into her womb. We have been dominated with ideas that our vaginas are disgusting, periods are to be hushed, that our wombs are weird, that we must be just enough but not too much when it comes to sexual liberation. Our womb is the power source of feminine energy though. There is a reason why traditional female traditional dances across the globe move the hips (whilst men move the chests - because courage, heart, warrior, masculine.) We’ve been raised with masculine, external definitions of success - “What do you do? What do you have?” - When have we ever been shown a deep celebration for our feminine selves? Of our internal states? Of connection? Men and women alike. I feel like women don’t know because they haven’t been given the opportunity to learn. We need more embodied teachers.

We feel that these tools are the evolution of healing-what do you envision for the future for women healing themselves with these tools?

This question brought warmth across my body. I am in awe of the women who are already stepping in and I celebrate and thank them wholeheartedly. My vision is one of women who have cultivated a strong union between their masculine and feminine selves. Women who are powerfully owning their vision, bossing the business world and re-defining their own terms to suit and honour the cycles we are built from. I see women who are able to connect deeply with themselves and each other, knowing that they have tools in hand to truly make change to any trigger which arises. Women who shed layers of conditioned shame, guilt, dogma to radiate power, creativity, passion and healing. And most importantly, women who can totally honour, hold, heal and worship men from a wholesome, intuitive place. I see relationships - powerful, blossoming, golden thread relationships which continue to call partners back to the mirror, advocating for expansion and laying value in truth. Restoring power to the feminine will allow for masculinity to find health again - men to find health again. I see the honouring of spectrums, allowing the reality of what it is to be human to be advocated by the masses. Healthy honest expression of self. That’s what I’m all about. That’s what I call for. That is my mission.

The Goddess League and Vela Souls are co-hosting a workshop lead by Yana in London. FOR DETAILS, CLICK HERE