A billion words won't ever suffice in describing this journey we share.

There's a golden thread between us, so strong it could carry the universe - it does.

When times are great I forget about the gold, I take the thread for granted and skip about happily, plucking gratitude from my pockets and showing it off to the world.

But it's not always great, is it? It's not always happy. It's human. And sometimes the human in us needs to meet themselves again, in a new light.

Sometimes the shadow comes, and claims her dues because she hasn't been honored.

She stares us in the face and whispers all the triggering truths of our story in our ear. She winds us up and plays with us like a rag doll, making us see and say all the things we so wish to ignore. She has fun doing what she's best at - exposing every coping mechanism and slurping from our wounds.


There we sit wondering if we ever had any of it sussed. Questioning if the feel good gratitude and love was just a dream. There we face each other and recognize little. We question what we're doing together. We can't fathom why we're still here after all this time.

Everything falls away and there the golden thread is revealed. Shimmering in the darkness. Indestructibly strong.

And I am reminded that no matter how hard I try, no matter my might, I will never be able to tear it up, burn it down or drown it in any amount of wishful thinking.

The golden thread speaks for us, it shows us ourselves. It drags us to the mirror and pushes our face into a reflection.

In truth, it is the very reason we are still here - loving deep, processing deeper still. Being tumbled by the roaring waves to soften our harsh edges. And I am grateful...

For the golden thread. And the shadow too.

Without them we would not know the deepest kind of precious life changing love.

This kind.