I held a session for Alana. I saw the queen in her and met her in her shadows.

I didn't offer a helping hand. I just stood by her side. Reminded her of her crown and we moved through some beautifully big stuff. 

I work with trauma release. We released trauma. 

She later messaged me and shared that the powerful poem below was born the day after our session together.

Yana. Thank you so much for our session. Your wisdom is far beyond your years, you guided me in a way I haven’t experienced with people double your age. Your ability to pinpoint the issue at hand and articulate it in a language that was grounded and easy to understand, without simplifying it. The way you melded embodiment, visualisation, breathwork & clearing was masterful and was pivotal in my release, healing & transformation. you helped me move from victim to victorious - you helped me unlock my throat and find my rage, which purified me and empowered me. I can’t thank you enough, you are an incredible gift to the world. Thank you Yana, you’re an incredible woman.

I wrote this poem the day after our session together...


For the women who feel they’re not enough.


Who are all hollow ribs - sucked in tight.

Tortured minds - sleepless nights

Never enough.
Never enough.
Never enough.

Who mould themselves like clay

Malleable - to make themselves palatable

Every day.


But behind closed doors they




Fall apart.


This is for the women who swallow no’s

and are all yes please

I want to



This is for the women

who are drowned in the disappointment

of being themselves.


Who can’t bare to breathe

through their anxious throats.


Who claw at their skin

desperate for freedom.


Who bare a wound so

so intimate

and fatal.




and who believe themselves to be branded



This is for

the abandoned girls

the abused girls

the girls whose homes taught them nothing of intimacy

but everything of combat

and sent them to bed soul hungry every night.


This is for the women who pluck their hearts from their chest

as an offering

on a first date.


and every time they leave

they leave

more of themselves behind.


legs open in hope

and closed in shame.

going home alone again.


You have a heart of gold

of steel,

of unbelievable strength and fortitude.

glittering and gritty and cracked.


but somehow




... and it’s the wholeness you must relentlessly seek.


because the hungry heart

will end up eating you



find wholeness.

you must find it.


you need to break your jaw open

and spill love all over yourself


speak words of worthiness until

you are a drenched mess


until your muscles are trembling with the truth of self love


self love

that tears


sinew and stitches apart

that had grown like lichen over old pains




in the bloody agony

of loving yourself


of ugly


chest breaking

self love


visceral worthiness

is something practised and accumulated


you need to chant and scream

be fierce

and tender


until you embed

the knowing


into your organs and bloodstream



you deserve love


beyond boys that sweet talk and fuck you empty


that you deserve kindness

someone to curl up with in the dark, to stroke each others sorrows and joys


that you deserve all the beauty and all the no matter what's



spend your last money on flowers

stain your fingers with berries

dance until you are all limbs and power.



we need to learn how to break to re-make

we need to learn the art of mending

of deserving.


your soul is sweet

your mind is magic

your heart is golden


place your reflection upon your altar.




practice patience.


learn intimacy through your own breath

and skin.



for the women that feel unworthy of love

you are wrong.


I promise

they lied.


it’s time for the medicine of truth.

administer it every damn day.








© Copyright 2017 ~ ALANA LOUISE MAY All Rights Reserved