Emotions are a fleeting experience

Emotions are a fleeting experience

Emotions are a fleeting experience . They are brief and short-lived. They come with great force, full of conviction. They will make you believe that they ARE what they bring the message of. Then they're gone... Just as quickly as they came.

Don't get caught up in this gust of wind. It brings a message and little more.

In these moments I have learned to sit still and let what needs to move to move. I have learned to listen and allow. That way lessons carried by the emotions serve me gently, quickly and to the core.


Acting on emotion is deceptive.Its a lie. it will often leave you with regret on the other side of reckless action.

At the very least take a deep breath in, and digest as much of what you feel as possible with that breathe... THEN a act.

Here in this warm island sea... I breathe. I breathe in divine messages. some sting like venomous sea urchins and some feel like the bliss of a wife’s cuddles.

Breathe. Digest. Then ACT.


The many people within

The many people within

My Dad often said “we grow like trees”

One layer at a time.

Each version of self, hugged within another.

With various inner children, and various teeny-bopper selves…

And various layers trying to adult.

Each of them with a different want and a different need.

When there’s conflict within me, it’s most likely that (in essence) one layer of me has highjacked another. One version of me isn’t getting what they need because another is being prioritized.

The part of me who wants validation and safety is highjacking the dreamer in me who doesn’t give a fuck…

The sooner I can mediate a conversation between them - the sooner they can support each other and fall in love.

That’s what self-love is made of.

It’s the foundations of living a self-first life.

And it’s a key component when it comes to The Vow. An online offering which starts so soon!


Embodiment Tips

Embodiment Tips

Give a voice to your body.

Remember that every cell of your being is here for you.

To serve you.

Those cells are not monsters - nor are they ugly or to be hated.

When you cut yourself, the wisdom of your body heals you.

When you ingest something bad for your being, your body makes you sick to purge.

When it would bring your body to greater health, your body induces certain emotions as a messenger to guide you.

When you inhabit your body - your being speaks.

Nurture this!

Speak to your body. Wash down your body with your hands. Wash with intention. Sing and feel the notes in your belly as they move through you. Summon a connection. Affirm the power of your intuition and honour it above all else.

It’s really the most powerful way to bring life, to life.

Paralleling as a couple through Quantum Clearing

Paralleling as a couple through Quantum Clearing

We both stepped into another deep emotional clearing process. We’ve done loads of these and the rhythm has been found.

We spend a few days summoning our intentions, charging up the journey ahead. We identify the strongest positive and negative traits to be addressed for the process. We map it all out.

This time I was clearing around “The Bitter Darling” The archetypal energy of South African women (in my perception)... I want to connect with South Africa and her women in deeper ways.
He was clearing around a boy from childhood who seriously tainted his ability to trust ANYONE.

Traits found were things like,

“Spits on my dead body”
“The real Queen”

Really charged words. We charge them up...

We then dive in to clear them.

We acknowledge that we’re moving through lots and agree to stay as mindful as possible through integration. We’ve gotten good at this cause practice makes practiced. We’re practiced!

As we move through the aftermath of the clearing, we each evolve in all the perfectly coincidental ways.

I think that’s part of being in a relationship like this. We become what the other has to face for their process - again and again, and again. We’re in soul-service to one another. It’s a blessing and a bitch.

If one of us clears things around TRUST then subconsciously trust will be brought to the fore in our relationship. The person moving through the clears will experience what they need to in order to integrate the trust clears fully.

If one of us clears around abandonment, best believe the other will unintentionally evoke abandon.

We laugh about it when we’re through to the other side…

Damn though! It’s a wild ride when you’re in it.

Real wild!

Relating 101: STOP GUESSING!

Relating 101: STOP GUESSING!

Different people have different needs.

Everyone has a different financial number they need to make for their nervous system to chill the funk out.

Everyone has a different love language that they need to be spoken in to really feel loved and appreciated.

Everyone has a different balance of human connection vs alone time necessary to feel safe and soothed.

Everyone has a different kind of touch required to feel deeply pleasured intimately.

Everyone has a different identity to fulfill, path to walk, place to go, way of learning...

Trying to guess these things for others is a recipe for disaster, trigger and confusion.

Firstly know what they are for you so you can share them clearly and not be guessed upon.

Then ASK what others' needs are, so you stop guessing and get it right.

This is what the phrase "communication is EVERYTHING" is all about...

Communicating needs.

For The Women Who Feel They Are "Not Enough" - ALANA LOUISE MAY

For The Women Who Feel They Are "Not Enough" - ALANA LOUISE MAY

Alana and I jumped on a call.

I saw the queen in her and met her in her shadows.

I didn't offer a helping hand. I just stood by her side. Reminded her of her crown and we moved through some beautifully big stuff. 

I work with trauma release. We released trauma. 

She later messaged me and shared that the powerful poem below was born the day after our session together.

Womb Rage - Inka Linda // VELA SOULS

Womb Rage - Inka Linda // VELA SOULS

Please gift this moment to yourself.
Put on your headphones,
close your eyes,
bring your hands to womb space and listen to the masterpiece below.

True story: It got a (different) client of mine high during a session of ours!... This woman, Inka Linda, is POWERFUL!

My Wild Woman Truths

My Wild Woman Truths

We were stuck in a rut. One which seemed so impossible to figure out.

Like a complex escape room puzzle where we always felt so close to cracking the code.

It was always so unpredictable as to whether we'd be madly in love, dropped in deep and feeling like the best thing in the world - or triggered up and resolving the bullet wounds of verbal torture.