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The energy of our ovaries spice up our life. They stand for the spark - the warmth of creativity. They are literally and metaphorically where our eggs lie. Our potential, all the dreams, the fantasies, the coulds - the beginnings of something new. They are the start of every journey -

the Ideas level of the IDEAS - HOLDING - BIRTHING - PLEASURE system that I introduced to you last week.

Our left ovary relates to our femininity. How we open ourselves to receive the world around us. How we absorb our inspiration and allow our surroundings to stoke our fires. It has to do with our feminine receptivity, our relationship to what we are given. This can be anything from how we receive our own thoughts and ideas, to how we receive the words of others, even how we relate to our surroundings, what stands out to us and how we interpret the many possible meanings available. Do you notice the sounds of the birds as you walk? Do you pause to receive the compliment you were given? Are you open to see the opportunities in front of you which show you how different life could be?

Our right ovary relates to our masculinity. How we show up and emit warmth and creativity into the world around us. Our output, how we are giving to the world. This can be anything from how we choose to action in response to our thoughts, how we respond to the words of others and how we show up and feel present in our surroundings. Do you stand your ground and stay firm in your boundaries? Do you follow through with the things you say you want to do and honour your needs? Do you have discipline? Are you stepping in fully?

The two ovarian spaces always work together and ideally work in harmony: Receiving to give, giving to receive.

Not only is the ovarian energy the spice, the warmth, the creativity, it’s also a focal point in understanding the dynamics of our relationships.

We all have masculinity and femininity within us. For as long as we can trace back, feminine traits have been attributed to women, and masculine traits have been attributed to men. Through this collective association, women, particularly mothers, have become the archetypal figure for femininity. Men, particularly fathers, have become the archetypal figure for masculinity.

Understand here though that we all have both.

Our own inner blueprints, or emotional conditioning for masculinity and femininity are influenced by these archetypes. Our mother and father have the crowning role to play in the baseline understanding of masculine and feminine that we adopt. This is why I often refer to the masculine and feminine as mother and father blueprints.

It’s one of the major reasons why we attract partners who are like our parents. We embody our own masculine and feminine coding based upon our mother and father, how they show up and how we interpret their behaviour. We become somewhat of a unified representation of the two of them put together - through subconscious lessons, direct lessons, and also the epigenetic hand-downs embedded in our dna.

So we take our mother and our father as examples and become coded to be like them. To relate to ourselves the way they related to each other. The world mirrors this back to us.

The partners we attract typically reflect the traits we have inherited and embodied along the way. Our partners, and actually, everyone in our life shows up and contributes to this masculine - feminine programming. Our relationships externally reflect our relationship internally. And so we can come to the masculine - feminine essence of our ovaries to better understand what is going on.

The recurring patterns playing out with you and the people around you can be found within. So for example, when a woman feels abandoned by men in her life, it’s typically a mirror of her abandoning her own masculine, her assertiveness, her motivation to action and her boundaries. I was amazed when I started to drop into these dynamics for myself to find that my partner was literally breathing life into the voice which I had inside - and I was doing the same for him and his feminine. Whilst I was saying, “you haven’t got my back” to him - my inner feminine was saying the same to my inner masculine - I didn’t have my own back. As soon as I changed this internally, the image I held of my partner shifted quick.

The most reliable place in the pelvic bowl to reference for the way you relate to the masculine and feminine archetypes, is the ovaries - more specifically the relationship between them.

The emotions and trauma sitting in these spaces as well as the genetic conditioning will highly influence how you connect with the energy of your ovaries and what arises for you when you do.

The ovaries are physically about the size of a walnut and energetically, around the size of a small orange. Healthily you’ll feel a gentle warmth in these spaces. I personally have to give greater intention to my left side, my feminine, to feel the warmth there. My right side is hotter and sometimes twinges with a gentle pain.

This for me, is the result of an absent feminine and an overactive masculine. For years I abandoned my sensuality, I escaped from being in tune with the senses of my body to compensate for non existent boundaries, (it was an escape mechanism) and so I wasn’t really bringing any awareness or intention to receiving. Growing up I found it hard to receive compliments, for example - and then hard to receive gifts, or payment for my work. My right side took on the load, and I became overactive in giving. My boundaries weren’t established and so I burnt out. A lack of receiving meant I didn’t have the fuel to sustain the level of giving I was attempting.

Once I found my boundaries, and my balance (which I’ll remind you are always shifting) I found I was able to receive better, feel more, and align my giving to what was true to me. I was able to refrain from giving through obligation, I was able to say no to people I didn’t want to work with or be around, and I was able to receive greater fair exchange for my services - ones which I wanted to be giving to.

My boundaries becoming clearer made me feel safer in receiving from my partner too. I was able to start giving without burning out or feeling resentment, and I was more open to receive from him too - receive his love, his presence and my own pleasure as a result.

Both my parents always over-gave and under-received in the name of being good people. Whilst this is heroic in the eyes of many, the truth is that any kind of imbalance leads to instability - which leads to us not showing up as our truest selves. It ends up coming to the cost of resentment and upset and anger and disappointment. When wanting to show up in the world authentically, balancing your masculine and feminine is vital.

The energy of the ovaries work together and are in constant relationship to one another. Any form of imbalance in one will have a knock on effect on the other. This can stunt the functioning and the maturity of the energy inside and result in somewhat of a toxic inner dynamic between these spaces.

Finding inner balance starts here, with the ovarian energy, the masculine and feminine, the mother and father blueprints.

I encourage you to look at your parents’ stories and also any relationship stories which are recurring to understand yourself in a deeper way. How do you have these stories playing out internally? How do your masculine and feminine relate? How could you shift your relationship to self, to shift how the world speaks back to you?