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This week is about understanding the pelvic bowl.

What I mean when I say pelvic bowl,

what it’s about

 and why.

I’ve come across a lot of yoni work and womb work and it was only when I stepped deeper into my own journey that I started to understand that there is value in the ovarian energy and the cervical and clitoral energy too, that we can harness.

Here I plugged into the natural journey of  our bodies, the organic processes that unfold for us. The journey of our cycles. The system that cycles provide us with. Plugging into this allowed me to plug into the different areas of our system.

The pelvic bowl refers to the bowl-like space in the hips which holds the ovaries, womb, cervix, vagina and clitoris - together they form an energetic anatomy which we can activate and harness for our power and mission in this world.

Activating a positive relationship with your pelvic space offers endless benefits.

You know all of the positives we long for and seek through women’s empowerment journeys; deeper orgasm, more blissful living, clarity in intuition, feeling grounded and centred in self, self confidence, stability, adventure - the list could go on forever.

If it’s something you’re longing for then connecting with your power centre is sure to support you in getting there.

Ultimately it comes to this…


We have the ovarian energy, the right and the left ovary each with their own message to tune into. The ovaries are quite fiery, they are spicy, they are where our ideas lie. Metaphorically and literally they are where our eggs are. The beads of possibility, which could become a whole life-changing reality.

Our ovarian energy feeds our curiosity. The adventurous possibilities of where we could go, what could happen, what we could get to have - our fantasies. The excitement of those things is very much about what these energies are about.

The right side has to do with our masculine output, how we are showing up and giving to the world. Our left side has to do with our feminine receptivity, our relationship to what we are given and how we receive these  gifts. Finding a balance between these two is important. The harmony between these spaces often mirrors externally in our relationships with others in the world which can be so useful .

Working with the masculine ovarian energy helps us to creatively put ourselves out into the world, to place these ideas into womb space in order to birth them. To assert our boundaries and create a container for the receiving aspect of the feminine.

Working with the feminine calls us into a space of filling ourselves up and taking care of what we need to inhale from the world around us. This nurtures us, and advocates a greater receptivity in the body.

The emotions sitting in these spaces will have an affect on how to relate to your creativity, your ideas, the spark in you and the relationships you have.


The womb space is the atmosphere of a womb. What’s the vibe? How do you carry your ideas once you commit to birthing them? How do they lay in your body in order to grow? Do you maybe have a million great ideas but struggle to bring them into your womb space in order to birth them? Perhaps the magnitude of holding that is a little bit too much. The emotions sitting in this space will have an affect on how you hold your dreams.

If you think of a baby, a creative baby or a real baby - a business, a painting, a drawing, a poem, you name it - that baby is going to be lying in a particular atmosphere, the baby is going to be influenced by that atmosphere, that atmosphere is the energy of your womb space.



The womb walls, the body of the uterus, is connected to the physical holding of our gifts, as well as our cyclical nature, our patterns which have to do with how we let things go, how we receive things, how we work with the four stages of our cycle. It has to do with our hold and release patterns - the womb walls have to do with the rhythms of our body, our inner drum beat. If we are refraining from tuning into our cycle, the nest in our body that our womb walls act as, becomes woven with emotions and stories which will continue to be triggered for many moons to come, until we release them, really release them. Every time we bleed we are given a huge opportunity to release. This is only one element of working with our cycle - a huge one though.



The cervix is regarded as the heart of the vagina. It has to do with natural opening and deep surrender. We are unable to birth our baby if our cervix hasn’t opened. It becomes forced, it becomes painful, it becomes a push against what feels natural. Tuning into the cervix tunes us into our heart. A sense of safety. The honest timing that our bodies have lost sight of. Our deadlines are influenced by the date and number and externally imposed obligations. Sometimes we are ready, and sometimes we are not. Tuning into the cervical energy allows us to honour that.



There are so many points in the vagina which are beneficial to know of. I work with the four quadrants.

The front quadrant relates to what we are stepping into. Energetically it is closest to the bladder which is linked to fear. You can picture this as moving forward, into what is in front of you. What is preventing you from fully stepping in?

The rear quadrant has to do with support. Are you being supported in the way you need? Are you supporting yourself? Who’s got your back?

The right quadrant relates to our inner masculine - external, penetrative, action energy. Yang
And the left relates to our inner feminine - internal, receiving, surrender energy. Yin.

We are able to map the physical tension in our vagina to understand which areas of life need to be addressed. It’s incredibly insightful and serves us in huge ways to develop this intimacy with ourselves. There’s a natural pulse and a clear and active voice within when awakened. Your vagina has both an in breath and an out breath - releasing and receiving - there’s a two way thing with her. (Here I say “her” with intention - the intention to form intimacy with our own vagina, which is a huge part of actively responding to what she says. She is a gatekeeper, the guard to the rest of our system. Listening to and responding to the body’s consent when relating to the vagina is crucial to overall health.


The clitoris is the oozing feel-good sensual delicious pleasure. It is the energy we emit which calls our tribe to us. People see us when we light up, we radiate positivity and healing and holding and resilience when we tap into this natural pleasure - ultimately it’s what love is. Orgasmic living. Have you ever felt that? I remember feeling like I was having an orgasm because a peach once tasted so good in the rain. I remember how divinely my senses were being stimulated by the otherwise mundane world around me. I was able to be present with people around me in a sassy, gentle, tasty way. Your pleasure is for you and tapping into it healthily, will serve you in stepping up, stepping in, serving authentically and enjoying every step of the way.

We can use these spaces to track a simplified model I’ll call the creative phases / CREATIVE CYCLE


IDEAS (Ovarian energy): It all begins with an idea, an exciting thought, and ‘aha!’ moment. Sometimes our ideas are overflowing, sometimes they just aren’t clear and sometimes we have so many ideas we don’t know how to make any of them happen. To connect with the ideas phase, we can call on our ovarian energy.

HOLDING (womb space, womb walls): The next stage is holding an idea, giving energy and planning to it, allowing it to grow in us. The energy and emotion we hold this idea with will permeate into the real-life form of it once it's born. Are you excited about your baby (literal or metaphorical…) are you loving it already, are you doubting, are you scared? All of this inner atmosphere will influence how the idea forms. Where you are at in your cycle will also have an affect on how you navigate this. This is where calling on womb space and womb walls comes in.


BIRTH (cervix, vagina (giving)): It then comes to the time of birthing the baby. Watching it come into the world, going through the process of “it’s actually happening - this was once just an idea, but now it’s here” - is it the right time? Do you feel safe and supported in this idea becoming real?  What do you need to naturally open and find the divine timing for this process? How can this be of greater ease? This birth phase is where we call on the energy of our cervix and the outward giving channel of our vagina.


PLEASURE (vagina (receiving), clitoris): Once the baby is born, it becomes a thing of its own - it exists. And in many ways it’s out of your hands now. How do you navigate this process? Do you allow your baby to speak to you? Do you celebrate yourself for achieving your goals? Do you revel in the beauty of it and feel the pleasure of having birthed this child? Or are you perhaps caught up in the previous stages for other projects, and need to rush back to the many ideas - so much so that you skip the pleasure part completely? Pleasure is what anchors affirmation, and joy into our bodies. Pleasure calls us into feeling ourselves and being dropped deeper into our senses. When we’re dropped in, were more able to respond to what our body needs. It’s important to be with the pleasure of accomplishment, to lock in our wins on a cellular level. This is where the receiving channel of our vagina and the clitoris come in.


We can work with these phases and spaces in our body to better understand what we need. Have an explore of this information over the coming week. Feel into these spaces in your body and reflect on the creative phases to understand your own patterns. I look forward to hearing what you find.